Friday, 17 April 2015

I [Heart] Rome

With 2003 release of "The Lizzie McGuire movie" it is safe to say that "visit Rome" was added to the bucket lists of hundreds, if not thousands of kids...or maybe just mine? Either way, it is something  I  was finally able to tick off, as my friends and I went on 5 day adventure back in December.

Although the Trevi fountain (Where Lizzie first spots Paolo) was under construction and there was a shocking lack of guys riding around on Vespas, there was a surprising amount of sunshine, gelato and walking.  We visited all of the sights on our list and even took few detours to check out some suggested sights such as a park full of gorgeous ruins, as well as a late night trip to the beach.

Not to mention, this is where I was introduced to the phenomenon that is the "Selfie Stick" by a somewhat dodgy street vender, nonetheless I made the purchase.
1. Plane window shot. 2. The coffee that revived my soul. 3. The charming vender showing me how to use a selfie stick
4. Failed landmark grab. 5. Gelatoooo. 6. Cute group photo in the Vatican.
 7. The Colosseum. 8. Did I mention we rode segways? 9. My first selfie w my snazzy new stick.

For obvious reasons, this post's song is one that was pretty popular on the Italian charts and came on TV about multiple times a day. I think we all developed a soft spot for Fedez as well!

-Taz x

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Lady's Choice // Janelle Monáe

After an outlandish (but later apologetic) fan sent Janelle Monáe criticised the "Electric Lady" for her choice of clothing, she elegantly put him in his place. It's safe to say Janelle and many other women choose to dress for themselves, rather than the attention or approval of others, be it male or female.

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It's safe to her sexy, soulful is pretty easy to achieve.

- Taz x

Monday, 13 April 2015

19 // Nowhere

It's safe to say my blog has suffered a shameful amount of neglect this academic year (if I can even call it that).  I was looking back at some old posts and noticed I've documented all of my birthdays since the age of 16. I'm not one to ruin traditions even if it two months late.

This year's celebration was short and sweet. I spent my birthday at uni and just went out with my friends and then had dinner with my some of my flatmates the following day (my actual birthday).

Again I have a shameful lack of photos from that weekend but I'm sure there are worse things in world right about now.

Also, the "Nowhere" in the title is referring to my lack of birthday travels. It completely slipped my mind but  last year I was in Berlin and the year before that I went to Nancy.

Fingers crossed I should be jetting off pretty soon and I've also got a post about my trip to Rome chilling in my drafts, so that too will be up very very soon.

  - Taz x