Friday, 26 July 2013

Time to sit back and unwind

Today marks the fourth of my summer holiday, and with summer comes an insane number of things that I want to accomplish over the six weeks but usually fail to complete. For this very reason, I have cut my list down to a mere but still exciting 7. I will ever tick of each point in turn as I do them, or post at the end of summer with proof of my successes.

2013 Summer To-do list:

1. Find the perfect pair of sunglasses.
This has become something I say I'm going to do every summer then tragically fail at, as I end up buying the same wayfarer-like frame year after year. I've seen so many gorgeous circle-framed glasses, but tend to shy away from them, maybe one of those may be the perfect match?

2. Meet up with someone from "long time no see"
I think this one goes without any questioning. We all have those few friends who we haven't seen in ages, months, or in my case years, that we always say "Hey, wouldn't it be nice to see [Name] it's been a while." I'm beyond guilty of that, but not for long!

3. Sort out driving-related stuff
Being 17 means I can finally get behind the wheel, although it's not something I have really thought about. It seems quite long-winded but hey, this is the summer of productivity for a reason.

4. Sort out/rearrange my bedroom
Something needs to be done, nothing too drastic just different. I think I have changed quite a bit over the past year or so, so my desire to switch it up comes from that. Also, my room currently reminds me of my 15 year old self, not that there was anything wrong with her/me (except the hello kitty obsession), I guess it's just time to make way.

5. Begin my personal statement
Slightly surreal writing that but university and the application preparation has been all I've been able to think about over the past few month. I think I have done all the fun parts; attending open days and signing up to UCAS, next up phase 2.

6. Complete my holiday homework...before the [last] few [week]s of summer
Procrastination was not an unfamiliar friend of mine not long ago. Luckily, I wasn't given a crazy amount of work to do, but school work in summer is never going to be delightful. Leaving work to the last minute is not advisable, if I were you I'd get it done and out of the way so you can really enjoy your summer, then revisit it as and when you please, so you've got the knowledge stored for the first day back...and beyond.

7. Grow
I mean this in every possible sense. Physically, emotionally, mentally, whatever can be done. 6 weeks isn't a great deal of time, so aiming to be 5'5 before September is a bit far fetched. However, being more open to different things has proved to have a positive effect on me as a whole. Where to start is the question, maybe a new book, sport or perhaps a different route home.

~Taz x

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Not the end of the road

If it isn't obvious yet, I'm finally back!
My AS year is over, all the stress from revision and exams can be put on hold until next year. Although, I'm not completely done with school (Sixth form) yet, my school has decided to let us jump straight into A2 work, so we break up for summer at the same time as most schools.
With the end of AS, comes the road to university, if that's the route you want to take. Recently I've been visiting different universities and looking further into the courses that I'm interested in. I didn't realise that there was so much to take into account when trying to pick a course, however difficult, it is actually quite exciting. 

Something else that always excites me is music. Recently I've listened to a few new albums and even some rediscovered songs that I can't get out of my head.

                                               1) Forever by Haim

2) Home by Gabrielle Aplin 

3) Green Garden by Laura Mvula ( Dave Invisible remix) 

Enjoy :)

~Taz x

Friday, 1 March 2013

J'ai 17 ans + my time in France.

I thought it would be a good idea to post before I get swallowed by all the amazing things that come with being an AS student...exams!

Firstly the "J'ai 17 ans" in my title isn't simply stating my age, instead emphasising my change in age, I turned 17 two weeks ago (February 15th). There isn't really much to say, except I have some pretty amazing friends who know how to make birthdays the best, a surprise feast at lunchtime, that was cute! It has to be the first time I have enjoyed my birthday at school, usually it's in the half term but this year I have no complaints whatsoever. I was supposed to have a movie night after school but we spent most of the evening playing Articulate and make-shift karaoke (Mtv with subtitles)!

The following day is when the real fun began. I went to Nancy, a little city in North-East France with a group of French A-level students for the week. The whole purpose of the trip was to work, so we were all given different work placements, mine was in a lingerie shop called Etam. Actually, I was supposed to work in a shop called Kiabi, which from my research and comparative skills is pretty much a French Matalan, however when we had to go out and find our work placements, mine wasn't on the map (just my luck), it turns out I would have had to get the metro (tube) there, bearing in mind there was no metro station, so I was placed in Etam with another girl who came on the trip.

Working in Etam made me appreciate underwear so much, spending 7 hours a day surrounded by the most gorgeous bras and knickers starts to have an effect, they also had some of the most adorable pyjamas ( which I may or may not have purchased.) Another great thing about Etam was that none of the workers spoke a great amount of English, so I had to be in complete French mode 95% of time.
Besides that, Nancy is a beautiful city, it's so cosy and you instantly feel at home. It was very modern but still had many typical French elements such as 100's of pharmacies and patisseries, both of which came in handy.
It snowed twice which was dandy. It was also really fun hearing little stories that people would bring back from work each day, also forming friendships with those then random people you spoke to on the coach!

F is for friends that do stuff together ^^

Un beau ciel


Mes nouvelles amies!

Our French colleagues in the middle!
Puppies on my feet!
As a whole, the trip was amazing, I met some really amazing people, made awesome friends, spoke loads of French, ate the world's best macarons, saw beautiful French boys, ate a FLUNCH 3 TIMES ( if you know what it is, you ought to sympathise), and bought the cutest slippers known to man.

                                                                  ~Taz x

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Introducing Abstract: Bow ties!

My Young Enterprise company is finally up & running. We are Abstract, a company consisting of 14 innovative, fashion forward Sixth form students, now producing and selling a range of one-of-a-kind bow ties. Our first line consists of a range of different coloured silk bow ties, either plain or studded which can be worn both formally and for fashion-driven purposes. Enjoy!

If bow ties don't make you happy, what will?

Effortless appeal

Release your inner rebel

A pink studded bow tie, modeled by the lovely Monique whose
blog you can check out here!

Last but definitely not least, we have another lovely model,
 Franciska, be sure to check out her blog too, right here!

  Let me know what you think either here, or at You can also find us on instagram @abstractbowties.

~Taz x

Thursday, 10 January 2013

And she walked for days in her brand new shoes

With my January AS exams finally out of the way, my blog shall slowly come back to life! 

After months of trying to convince myself otherwise I finally bought thses beauties, the Nighthawk boots. Here is the post where the love first blossomed! The  post-Christmas sales seemed to be perfect time for me to buy them as they were £35 less than the original price, so I got them for £50 which for a sale price I wasn't too impressed with, especially as the red ones were £40, but it was a take it or leave it moment, I took. I could ramble on again about how much I love them but I did that  here. I absolutely love the buckle and the shine they bring to the boots. I'm really glad I made this purchase, they're really comfortable and provide a good inch & a half boost..if that's what you're looking for!

~Taz x