Friday, 26 July 2013

Time to sit back and unwind

Today marks the fourth of my summer holiday, and with summer comes an insane number of things that I want to accomplish over the six weeks but usually fail to complete. For this very reason, I have cut my list down to a mere but still exciting 7. I will ever tick of each point in turn as I do them, or post at the end of summer with proof of my successes.

2013 Summer To-do list:

1. Find the perfect pair of sunglasses.
This has become something I say I'm going to do every summer then tragically fail at, as I end up buying the same wayfarer-like frame year after year. I've seen so many gorgeous circle-framed glasses, but tend to shy away from them, maybe one of those may be the perfect match?

2. Meet up with someone from "long time no see"
I think this one goes without any questioning. We all have those few friends who we haven't seen in ages, months, or in my case years, that we always say "Hey, wouldn't it be nice to see [Name] it's been a while." I'm beyond guilty of that, but not for long!

3. Sort out driving-related stuff
Being 17 means I can finally get behind the wheel, although it's not something I have really thought about. It seems quite long-winded but hey, this is the summer of productivity for a reason.

4. Sort out/rearrange my bedroom
Something needs to be done, nothing too drastic just different. I think I have changed quite a bit over the past year or so, so my desire to switch it up comes from that. Also, my room currently reminds me of my 15 year old self, not that there was anything wrong with her/me (except the hello kitty obsession), I guess it's just time to make way.

5. Begin my personal statement
Slightly surreal writing that but university and the application preparation has been all I've been able to think about over the past few month. I think I have done all the fun parts; attending open days and signing up to UCAS, next up phase 2.

6. Complete my holiday homework...before the [last] few [week]s of summer
Procrastination was not an unfamiliar friend of mine not long ago. Luckily, I wasn't given a crazy amount of work to do, but school work in summer is never going to be delightful. Leaving work to the last minute is not advisable, if I were you I'd get it done and out of the way so you can really enjoy your summer, then revisit it as and when you please, so you've got the knowledge stored for the first day back...and beyond.

7. Grow
I mean this in every possible sense. Physically, emotionally, mentally, whatever can be done. 6 weeks isn't a great deal of time, so aiming to be 5'5 before September is a bit far fetched. However, being more open to different things has proved to have a positive effect on me as a whole. Where to start is the question, maybe a new book, sport or perhaps a different route home.

~Taz x


  1. 2, 3, 5 & 6.. Awesome!

    I follow you, maybe if you like you can take a look on my blog and if you like my style, follow me back?


    1. Why thank you :)
      I will definitely take a look, thanks for following x

  2. I really want the perfect pair of sunnies too, really hard to find a good pair for not much money, I'd also love to grow a bit more haha!

    Rose xo

    1. Haha I found the sunnies, so I'm half way there! x

  3. omg, need to sort out my driving lessons too