Thursday, 27 December 2012


Stockings/fooood/hugs/We made biscuits/tree ornament/brother, mum & sister/ I got TWO of the same Harry Potter box sets/ Taylor Swift overdose/siblingness!

~Taz x

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Changeling

I'm far from a theatre critic/journalist but after watching The Changeling at the Young Vic theatre I feel compelled to talk about it. Prior to watching the play, I attended a workshop for young directors where we were taught different ways to construct a piece of theatre and also how to analyse different aspects of a play from set design to inter-character relationships. This being the first play I watched since gaining these new skills was very interesting. I tried to be very critical when rating the different aspects of but the lowest ranking I was able to give was 9/10.

 I was given a brief synopsis of the film Changeling starring Angelina Jolie, so I thought I knew roughly what to expect. I was far from wrong. The play is based on a young lady, Beatrice, who has a number of suitors but knows which one she wants and her scheming ways in which she gets rid of the rest. Although the play was written in the 17th century, the director ( Joe Hill-Gibbins) was able to modernise it while still maintaining its archaic nature. There is also a hilarious unexpected scene which will actually make you laugh out loud. It's described as: "A darkly comic tale of sex, love and panic", which I can say is an accurate description. If you happen to be in London between now and 22nd of December I highly recommend you go and watch it, plus ticket prices start at only £10!


Saturday, 20 October 2012

I'm loving: Studded boots!

  If I'm being completely honest, when studding became a big thing I absolutely hated it, I still see studding as a bit of a fashion cliche but it has slightly grown on me. Boots are essential for autumn/winter and the cuter the better. These are the 3 pairs I've had my eye on especially. I went to Aldo on Oxford St today and tried on the first two, they were both amazing and extremely comfortable now I just have to decide which ones to buy. Number 1 might just be winning. Lastly, the amazingly gorgeous boots by Chloé. I don't even know where to start with them. They are practically the same as Jeffrey Campbell's Startburst except the heel is different and in my opinion better. At first I thought they were hideous but I was young and foolish then, even if it was only a few weeks ago. So if anyone wants to lend me £1,135.00 to fulfill my studded Chloé fantasy I will love you forever.

~ Taz x

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

So much for shopping.

After getting my results and the fact that the non-uniformed days are now gone means my parents had no
choice but to give me money to go shopping. It didn't exactly go like that but close enough. The point I'm trying to make is that I am not into anything that's in the shops at moment. How was I able to come home from Oxford street with 2 pairs of jeans and heat protection spray? That says a lot. I decided to come home and evaluate my wardrobe so I could work out what I needed. Again, that didn't go too well. I did go to Westfield on Monday which wasn't the worst, but still I didn't get much. I think the issue is having a large sum of money. When I have no money I can click 'Add to basket' endlessly, then when I do have money I think stupid things like "do I really need this?" Summer ends in 7 days so I need to get my act together. Maybe tomorrow be will the day of success. I can only hope!

Me being the independent 16y/o that  I am, had to take a picture of the shoes in Office and send it to my mum to help me pick which ones to get. The final verdict was the dark red...then my size was out of stock.
Riding the escalator whilst chewing gum = that face!

                                                                   ~Taz x


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Recent buys + Ramble.

 I did a little bit of shopping about two weeks ago in preparation for EEC (End of Exams Celebration) school's take on a prom! I didn't buy a new dress simply because I knew it wasn't going to be an extravagant event, instead I accessorised. In the first picture you can see the 5 of the 7 items I purchased, the other were boring ( the purple cardigan I'm wearing the photo and a plain grey top). I found the beautiful collar (pictured below) on sale in Topshop for £7 which I would have been foolish to ignore, I then wore that with my dress to look a bit more fancy.
 I also bought a pair of simple frilly (what I like to call primary school) socks in a oaty/off-white colour which were £3.50. I went to Primark to find a cardigan or blazer to wear with my dress but I simply wasn't impressed...Primark and I have a love/hate relationship. Instead I left with two jewellery pieces. Firstly a really cute, gold rose patterned bracelet. I was sceptical at first as it's not the type of piece I'd usually opt for but I took the "risk" and got, it was only £4 and then a cute, kitsch-looking 12 pack of earrings.
 Again I've heard tonnes about Primark earring but I thought I'd try them out for myself, they were/are perfectly fine. I actually really like them because they're a cheap version of something you'd find in accesorize for at least £8 and mine were but a mere £2.50.
 The last item I bought was the NYC Sky Rise lengthening mascara. I LOVE IT. It's honestly so simple yet it does wonders to my tightly curled lashes. I had bought the Rimmel London Scandeleyes a few days before but I really wasn't impressed. The best thing about this purchase (NYC) was that it was meant to be £2.49 but I hit my first 100 points on my Superdrug card so I got £1 off! Lol I think I understand why grown ups are so obsessed with clubcard/nectar points, the sense of achievement is just so...fulfilling!

                                                       Taz ~x
P.S I've finally finished school for Summer!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Summer's soon approaching!

I've never been so excited to leave school before in my life. Especially as I'm leaving secondary school I thought I'd be wanting to hold on and what not, but apparently not. I have ONE exam left, you have no clue how amazing it feels to write that. Maths on Tuesday then I'm done...with my GCSE's that is. To make matters worse I have the flu at the moment so my motivation to revise is minimal but I promise I will do some hardcore revision for a majority of tomorrow.

I recently made an online purchase at Urban Outfitters because they're having a sale, which is amazing as they're stuff is far from cheap but it's usually so nice that you convince yourself it's worth it. I ordered a lovely    cropped farisle (ish) jumper, I know it's summer and so I shouldn't be buying knitwear I can help it. Plus I'm trying to build my wardrobe from scratch for when I start sixth form, so that's another reason why. I'm going to be doing a lot of shopping for sixth form nearer the end of summer so many posts will be made.

Here's the jumper: it looks a bit boxy on her but it'll be fine.

Have a lovely day.
~ Taz x

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Polka dot socks!

Just placed an order from Topshop for a gorgeous pair of lilac frilly socks, just like the ones you'd wear in primary school with your summer dress! I also got a pale green polka dot tote/shopper bag. Exams are taking over everything at the moment but a little breather is always essential. I will definitely post a few pictures once my package arrives.
Until next time.
~ Taz x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Collar craze!

Lately I've been really into collars, as in detachable collars. The ones that you just clip around your neck and then tuck into a jumper. I haven't really seen many in shops but I've been looking online and Ebay seems to be collar heaven! They are just so versatile and can been worn with so many different outfits, not just with jumpers. I'm sure they work with casual dresses too. There are floral ones, beaded ones and even a few with really intricate crochet details. I'm off to make my order but I will surely post a few pictures when mine arrive!

Miu Miu detachable collars, Spring collection 2011.

~ Taz x

Friday, 6 April 2012

Lianne La Havas

My goodness where do I begin?
I remember seeing her in an unsigned artists advert on MTv late last year and now I'm seeing posters of her around London. This is just amazing.
Her voice is so raw, yet fresh. Absolutely beautiful.When I listen to her, it's almost like I'm listening to 3 songs at once, she combines a touch of different genres into her songs.
Her look is lovely too, her style is slightly eccentric but still very chic.
My current favourites of her's are:
Forget (duh)!
Her cover of Everything Everything's "Final Form" is insane!
Check them out, she's amazing.

~ Taz x

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Life is but a dream...

Honestly, when I think about it, today felt like such a dream. Slowly evaluating the contents of my day and trying to piece together how these things actually happen. Let's start from teh beginning....
I met up with one of my best friends Bev and we casually walked over Waterloo bridge and into Covent Garden when she says to me that she'd love to bump into someone famous...her person of choice was Jack O'connel (Cook from Skins). Anywho we walked through Covent Garden just looking around when I thought I saw a familiar face, I told Bev and she suggested we check, sooo we power walked to get in front of this person and we was NAOMI CAMPBELL. I don't know why the bold was needed, I'm not a big fan but still I spotted my first supermodel. Before we could say anything she (and the lady she was with) went inside an expensive jewellery shop. We couldn't go in and ask for a photo so we waited outside, not creepily we blended into the hustle and bustle. The lady she was with however saw our tactics and the second Naomi opened the door to leave the shop, we quickly moved towards and guess what?
They ran away, seriously, Naomi Campbell ( and unknown Blonde) ran through Covent Garden to get away from two innocent 16 year Bev said maybe she stole something!! But yeah, I must confess we followed just for the fun of it but she slid into shiny,black car before we could catch up. Boy oh boy...btw she was disguised-ish she had aviators on (it was freezing, no sun) and a black cap.

The next part wasn't as unusual as that but it made me happy. We were walking around and we stumbled across a cupcake shop and they were giving out samples...cupcakes just make me smile :) 

Lastly, we strolled up to Trafalgar Sqaure to see this

Initial thoughts: Either a flashmob or a cult. They were just sitting down and their eyes were shut...creepy right? Turns out it was an outdoor free for all meditation session with about 2000 people. Nice. We arrived just as they were about to finish and what made us laugh was that when it finished a few people (the uneducated ones in terms of meditation) clapped, the rest put their hand in the air and fluttered their fingers about, sort of like a twinkle twinkle thing.

And that was how I spent March 31st 2012.