Thursday, 5 July 2012

Recent buys + Ramble.

 I did a little bit of shopping about two weeks ago in preparation for EEC (End of Exams Celebration) school's take on a prom! I didn't buy a new dress simply because I knew it wasn't going to be an extravagant event, instead I accessorised. In the first picture you can see the 5 of the 7 items I purchased, the other were boring ( the purple cardigan I'm wearing the photo and a plain grey top). I found the beautiful collar (pictured below) on sale in Topshop for £7 which I would have been foolish to ignore, I then wore that with my dress to look a bit more fancy.
 I also bought a pair of simple frilly (what I like to call primary school) socks in a oaty/off-white colour which were £3.50. I went to Primark to find a cardigan or blazer to wear with my dress but I simply wasn't impressed...Primark and I have a love/hate relationship. Instead I left with two jewellery pieces. Firstly a really cute, gold rose patterned bracelet. I was sceptical at first as it's not the type of piece I'd usually opt for but I took the "risk" and got, it was only £4 and then a cute, kitsch-looking 12 pack of earrings.
 Again I've heard tonnes about Primark earring but I thought I'd try them out for myself, they were/are perfectly fine. I actually really like them because they're a cheap version of something you'd find in accesorize for at least £8 and mine were but a mere £2.50.
 The last item I bought was the NYC Sky Rise lengthening mascara. I LOVE IT. It's honestly so simple yet it does wonders to my tightly curled lashes. I had bought the Rimmel London Scandeleyes a few days before but I really wasn't impressed. The best thing about this purchase (NYC) was that it was meant to be £2.49 but I hit my first 100 points on my Superdrug card so I got £1 off! Lol I think I understand why grown ups are so obsessed with clubcard/nectar points, the sense of achievement is just so...fulfilling!

                                                       Taz ~x
P.S I've finally finished school for Summer!

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