Sunday, 17 June 2012

Summer's soon approaching!

I've never been so excited to leave school before in my life. Especially as I'm leaving secondary school I thought I'd be wanting to hold on and what not, but apparently not. I have ONE exam left, you have no clue how amazing it feels to write that. Maths on Tuesday then I'm done...with my GCSE's that is. To make matters worse I have the flu at the moment so my motivation to revise is minimal but I promise I will do some hardcore revision for a majority of tomorrow.

I recently made an online purchase at Urban Outfitters because they're having a sale, which is amazing as they're stuff is far from cheap but it's usually so nice that you convince yourself it's worth it. I ordered a lovely    cropped farisle (ish) jumper, I know it's summer and so I shouldn't be buying knitwear I can help it. Plus I'm trying to build my wardrobe from scratch for when I start sixth form, so that's another reason why. I'm going to be doing a lot of shopping for sixth form nearer the end of summer so many posts will be made.

Here's the jumper: it looks a bit boxy on her but it'll be fine.

Have a lovely day.
~ Taz x

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