Friday, 20 April 2012

Collar craze!

Lately I've been really into collars, as in detachable collars. The ones that you just clip around your neck and then tuck into a jumper. I haven't really seen many in shops but I've been looking online and Ebay seems to be collar heaven! They are just so versatile and can been worn with so many different outfits, not just with jumpers. I'm sure they work with casual dresses too. There are floral ones, beaded ones and even a few with really intricate crochet details. I'm off to make my order but I will surely post a few pictures when mine arrive!

Miu Miu detachable collars, Spring collection 2011.

~ Taz x

Friday, 6 April 2012

Lianne La Havas

My goodness where do I begin?
I remember seeing her in an unsigned artists advert on MTv late last year and now I'm seeing posters of her around London. This is just amazing.
Her voice is so raw, yet fresh. Absolutely beautiful.When I listen to her, it's almost like I'm listening to 3 songs at once, she combines a touch of different genres into her songs.
Her look is lovely too, her style is slightly eccentric but still very chic.
My current favourites of her's are:
Forget (duh)!
Her cover of Everything Everything's "Final Form" is insane!
Check them out, she's amazing.

~ Taz x