Thursday, 27 December 2012


Stockings/fooood/hugs/We made biscuits/tree ornament/brother, mum & sister/ I got TWO of the same Harry Potter box sets/ Taylor Swift overdose/siblingness!

~Taz x

Saturday, 1 December 2012

The Changeling

I'm far from a theatre critic/journalist but after watching The Changeling at the Young Vic theatre I feel compelled to talk about it. Prior to watching the play, I attended a workshop for young directors where we were taught different ways to construct a piece of theatre and also how to analyse different aspects of a play from set design to inter-character relationships. This being the first play I watched since gaining these new skills was very interesting. I tried to be very critical when rating the different aspects of but the lowest ranking I was able to give was 9/10.

 I was given a brief synopsis of the film Changeling starring Angelina Jolie, so I thought I knew roughly what to expect. I was far from wrong. The play is based on a young lady, Beatrice, who has a number of suitors but knows which one she wants and her scheming ways in which she gets rid of the rest. Although the play was written in the 17th century, the director ( Joe Hill-Gibbins) was able to modernise it while still maintaining its archaic nature. There is also a hilarious unexpected scene which will actually make you laugh out loud. It's described as: "A darkly comic tale of sex, love and panic", which I can say is an accurate description. If you happen to be in London between now and 22nd of December I highly recommend you go and watch it, plus ticket prices start at only £10!