Saturday, 20 October 2012

I'm loving: Studded boots!

  If I'm being completely honest, when studding became a big thing I absolutely hated it, I still see studding as a bit of a fashion cliche but it has slightly grown on me. Boots are essential for autumn/winter and the cuter the better. These are the 3 pairs I've had my eye on especially. I went to Aldo on Oxford St today and tried on the first two, they were both amazing and extremely comfortable now I just have to decide which ones to buy. Number 1 might just be winning. Lastly, the amazingly gorgeous boots by Chloé. I don't even know where to start with them. They are practically the same as Jeffrey Campbell's Startburst except the heel is different and in my opinion better. At first I thought they were hideous but I was young and foolish then, even if it was only a few weeks ago. So if anyone wants to lend me £1,135.00 to fulfill my studded Chloé fantasy I will love you forever.

~ Taz x


  1. I loove anything with studs!!
    Cute blog :)
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  2. Love the Chloe boots and I know my friend got a copy of them from Zara so you could try there? Another great place to get studded boots is Kurt Geiger and their shoes are much more comfortable than Aldo!


  3. That sounds so much better and cheaper! I'll definitely give Kurt Geiger a try too, thank you soo much :) xxx

  4. great selection of studded boots. i love all of them! :-)

  5. I feel you, those chloe shoes are GORGEOUS, but the price tag is no where near my budget, hahah! Ive seen similar dupes on ebay, you should check them out :)

    1. How did I not even think of ebay?! thanks! xx

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