Saturday, 31 March 2012

Life is but a dream...

Honestly, when I think about it, today felt like such a dream. Slowly evaluating the contents of my day and trying to piece together how these things actually happen. Let's start from teh beginning....
I met up with one of my best friends Bev and we casually walked over Waterloo bridge and into Covent Garden when she says to me that she'd love to bump into someone famous...her person of choice was Jack O'connel (Cook from Skins). Anywho we walked through Covent Garden just looking around when I thought I saw a familiar face, I told Bev and she suggested we check, sooo we power walked to get in front of this person and we was NAOMI CAMPBELL. I don't know why the bold was needed, I'm not a big fan but still I spotted my first supermodel. Before we could say anything she (and the lady she was with) went inside an expensive jewellery shop. We couldn't go in and ask for a photo so we waited outside, not creepily we blended into the hustle and bustle. The lady she was with however saw our tactics and the second Naomi opened the door to leave the shop, we quickly moved towards and guess what?
They ran away, seriously, Naomi Campbell ( and unknown Blonde) ran through Covent Garden to get away from two innocent 16 year Bev said maybe she stole something!! But yeah, I must confess we followed just for the fun of it but she slid into shiny,black car before we could catch up. Boy oh boy...btw she was disguised-ish she had aviators on (it was freezing, no sun) and a black cap.

The next part wasn't as unusual as that but it made me happy. We were walking around and we stumbled across a cupcake shop and they were giving out samples...cupcakes just make me smile :) 

Lastly, we strolled up to Trafalgar Sqaure to see this

Initial thoughts: Either a flashmob or a cult. They were just sitting down and their eyes were shut...creepy right? Turns out it was an outdoor free for all meditation session with about 2000 people. Nice. We arrived just as they were about to finish and what made us laugh was that when it finished a few people (the uneducated ones in terms of meditation) clapped, the rest put their hand in the air and fluttered their fingers about, sort of like a twinkle twinkle thing.

And that was how I spent March 31st 2012.

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